Data driven advanced interaction Targeted, Automated and curated

A powerful funnel between brands and audiences, both B2B and B2C.

Interaction: Organic Performance

User data and action driven responses

E-mail, Polls, Calculators, Give-aways, Quizes, landing pages, Forms, Whats-App & SMS even UX improvement, we are able to create and improve KPI driven interactions with your customer segments. We use and connect data and technologies to create and improve targeted interactions to the correct customer segment. Curated content at the relevant time.

It is our role to help you improve your digital performance by setting up the correct automations and funnels.
We use more than 400+ integrations and tools. Delivering powerful marketing solutions at your finger tips.

KPI driven strategy

Boost sales? Improve brand awareness? Get more subscribers? Collect more data?
Our interactions are the embodiment of the MarCom strategy. Our DevOps MarCom team is available to create the funnels you require. Some samples of the 400+ tools we frequently integrate:

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Our marketing automation solutions use software to automate monotonous marketing work.
Get more done with less effort. Our experts work with 400+ integrations.

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Better interactions

This middle-of-the funnel toolbox improves the bottom-line. Aligning message, timing and audience segments. Get to know your customer needs and act on them.

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More sales

Nurture leads, create connections, build loyalty, cross sell products & services, create interactions that work. Automated & smart solutions, focussed at your succes.

It’s all about the the interaction

Interactions, when correctly deployed and in sync with the audience segments, content, design and timing the following
 interactions become funnels, powering your digital performance.


E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is all about automated performance. Sales, relationship management etc. A truly personalized message tailored to customer groups & segments. After we create the proper strategy, it usually costs you only 15 minutes per month. Our designers and copywriters do the rest for you and complete the mail including design. Follow the results via your custom dashboard.


Landing Pages

Although landing pages are traditionally a part of web-development, we are specialized in creating landing pages as a purposely build funnel. Call to actions include: collecting info in a web-form, playing a game, an offer calculator etc. Our in-house marketing team uses landing pages as a part of the online marketing tool set. We monitor the performance each landing page individually in our tracking suite.



WhatsApp & SMS marketing is a form of messenger marketing, which involves promoting a brand via WhatsApp. Reach out to a broad audience and build strong relationships with customers, thereby increasing sales. With the help of WhatsApp and SMS tooling, you can convert more leads into customers.



Forms are a powerful CTA. A marketing form defines a set of input fields that form a layout to collect data of prospects and customers. We can create a library of forms and layouts that you can deploy on all of your site’s marketing pages. We monitor the performance each form individually in our tracking suite and can make adjustments to improve the performance. Depending on the KPI’s a form can be topped-up with various options, such as a payment forms, calendar bookings, etc.



Keep your customers happy, engaged and spending. Retention marketing, also known as lifecycle marketing or loyalty marketing, is focussed at encouraging customers to continue to purchase products or services. For this we have various tools at our disposal: Reactivation funnels (repeat purchase), Referral funnels (sharing recommendations), Community funnels, Onboarding funnels (step-by-step), Subscription funnels (and promotions) and Rewards funnels (for loyalty). We monitor the performance each retention funnel in our tracking suite.



Although technically UX (user experience) is not a funnel on its own, UX greatly impacts the performance of each funnel. We need to monitor and optimize all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the digital assets, funnels and brands. Our team believes designers are thinkers as much as they are makers. Curating stories by visuals and design.



Gamification is focussing at reaching business KPI’s by the use of experiences that are similar to those enjoyed by playing games. This is generally achieved by the application of game-design elements and mechanics in non-game contexts – both off line and on line.



Visualize your product, marketing USP’s and pricing. Static or dynamic, the choice is yours. Help your customer select the right product or service. Our calculators are always designed with your target audience and KPI’s in mind. The ROI of each calculator is carefully monitored in your dashboard.


WordPress Agency of the Year

We are the #1 agency for any WordPress activity. Our in-house team are experts with all possible editors, plug-ins, themes etc. As a WordPress specialist, we are able to help you navigate the tech choices to make. Gutenberg, Elementor, Astra, Plug-ins. You name it, we work with it daily. Benefit from our expertise to create fast and reliable websites. If you need help, feel free to contact us.