(partial) Business Process Outsourcing

A turn-key solution based on data driven insights, using human- and artificial intelligence.

Vendor selection & management

We have three types of (partial) BPO services

BPO, allow yourself to reduce workload and concentrate on other core aspects of your business, while letting the experts do what they do best.
FunnelsAtWork can support you in 3 areas:

Performance Strategy

Performance management can improve your ROI significantly. An integrated approach helping advertisers set & achieve MarCom objectives while monitoring and improving the performance.

Vendor Selection

Our pitches look past surface-level sales talk and marketing gimmicks to see what vendors really have to offer. A supply chain & tech stack that matches the MarCom strategy. Improving quality, prices, process & ROI.

Vendor Management

Supporting you to manage your supply chain. It’s all about motivating teams, while managing contract compliance & performance. Our support, managing your insights derived form our FunnelsAtWork tracking activities.