Live insights & tracking

Data Driven Performance Tracking

Transfer data from all your funnels and pipelines in to actionable next steps, available at your finger tips. If you can think it, we probably can build and track it. From CPA, Sales, Engagement, MQL, conversion ratio’s, lead generation to retention ratio’s, etc. Our tooling helps you to get the maximum performance out of your digital assets. We deliver improved performance for all your funnels, such as:

Overview in a personal dashboard for you and your team

All funnels transparently available at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor and if warranted modify online MarCom activities. Our MarCom team is available to support you with data interpretation, stewardship and management. We deliver improved performance of all your funnels.

Celebrating the full potential of each funnel

Once the data is containerized and structured, we can monitor, analyse and improve each and every MarCom funnel, from TV to SEO.

Funnel FunnelsAtWork

What set's us a part?

Our Digital Performance Live Tracker could best be compared with an ultra dynamic, relevant and detailed 8K video. With unrivaled insights. Once the KPI’s are clear and the dots are connected, your digital performance is tracked. Identify what works to accelerate those efforts and identify issues & optimize opportunities. Data driven insights, control and next steps, at your fingertips.