Travel Policy

The purpose of the FunnelsAtWork travel policy guideline is to explain to our customers the policy guidelines FunnelsAtWork applies to all international travel and related charges. This policy applies to all FunnelsAtWork travel activities, when traveling for our customers. 

FunnelsAtWork is responsible for making its own travel arrangements, including booking of flights, hotels, and rental cars. FunnelsAtWork will be invoicing reimbursement based on the following policy.


Expense reimbursement policy:

When FunnelsAtWork employees travel Internationally, on behalf of customers, the following rules apply to the costs which will be charged to the customer. All costs will be charged at cost-price and copies of receipts will be provided upon request.

  • Travel by air:
    • Non-stop & non-restricted travel classes are recommended. 
    • Economy class is booked for flights below 4 hours in duration (one way).
    • Business class is booked for flights exceeding 4 hours in duration (one way).
  • Travel by car:
    • EUR 0,50 is considered a fair cost price when using company or private cars.
    • Trips exceeding 350 km (one way) entitles a hotel stay.  
  • Car rentals:
    • Only allowed in combination with other means of transportation (for example when traveling by air).
    • Main international accredited rental companies will be used where possible, with full insurance options (including the collision damage waiver and the personal liability insurance). 
    • FunnelsAtWork employees can request either compact or intermediate size cars. 
  • Hotels:
    • Only industry accepted business travel standards with reference to comfort, privacy, convenience and cost are acceptable. 
    • Minimum 4 star type overnight accommodations (5 star is allowed).
    • FunnelsAtWork employees are free to make other arrangements.
  • Travel by rail (below 600 km one way):
    • Traveling will be done in first class. 
    • Trips exceeding 400 km (one way) entitles a hotel stay.  
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Actual and reasonable internet expenses will be reimbursed. 
    • Actual and reasonable taxi expenses will be reimbursed.  
    • Actual and reasonable food & beverage expenses will be reimbursed 
    • Actual and reasonable meeting room expenses will be reimbursed. 
    • A standard international phone connection fee for mobile phone usage of EUR 18/ day will be charged (only applicable for travel outside of the EU). 
    • Reimbursement may include a reasonable gratuity.